Who We Are

We are a group of concerned current and former Vancouver Chinese Baptist Church (VCBC) members who are committed to supporting a prosperous, authentic and enduring future for the VCBC, its members and the surrounding community.

Purpose & Objectives

The concerned members of the church have three core objectives. These include:

Truth: Generate further awareness among all past and present VCBC members of the facts leading up to, and following, the dismissal of Senior Pastor Reverend Kong.

Justice: Address the larger issue of several VCBC members spearheading decisions that are detrimental to the well being of the VCBC.

Accountability: Encourage all past and present VCBC members to demand accountability of the leaders for their wrongdoing starting from 2013.

Purpose: The creation of this website is in response to the existence and promotion amongst certain members by a few VCBC leaders to access and read the contents of the truthinvancouver’s blog which contains certain untrue facts and allegations to certain members though their names remained anonymous to avoid legal consequences. Anyone who has visited the blog https://truthinvancouver.wordpress.com/ are encouraged to read the full contents of this website before passing judgment on what actually happened in VCBC.